Atlantic Wire Reporter Says Available Work Isn't Where Many Think It Is

Where are all those new jobs that new technology is supposed to create? You won't find them in Silican Valley says Rebecca Greenfield, staff writer for The Atlantic Wire, Washington, DC.

In a recent article she reacts to the latest U.S. Labor Department report that unemployment fell in
September to 7.8%, lower than it's been since January 2009, with 114,000 jobs created in September alone.

So are all those new jobs with Apple, Google and other tech high-fliers? No, they're with with tech laggards such as hospitals and transportation companies. See Where Jobs Are Really Being Created

Greenfield's article begs key questions:

  • Are the new low-tech jobs just "temporary," to be performed by humans only until technology can be developed to take them over? 
  • Most of today's new jobs don't pay a lot. What are the prospects for more substantial incomes?
  • If more and more tasks, technical and otherwise, can be performed by fewer and fewer people, are we heading toward perpetual high unemployment long-term?

Clearly we need a conversation about the ultimate role of humans in the workplace.

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