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New Magazine on Shifting to Jobs of Future NOW

Posted by Dick Samson on January 28, 2015 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

Flip through Future Jobs Now! --

OK to share with whoever might benefit. Just pass on this short link:


Millions of "Highly-Human" Jobs Can Be Found or Created Now! And Everyone Can Get Into the Act!

Get the special report that can get you going! Then join this site (free) to share and network until you get what you're after!

While employment hangs back, a whole new form of work is starting to break out. There are millions of opportunities RIGHT NOW for those who see the trend and follow simple steps.

"Highly-Human Jobs" by futurist Richard W. Samson is a breakthrough guide to --

  • Finding a job that has a future because it’s highly-human and can't be automated.
  • Taking almost any job and making it into your dream job by adding highly-human elements on your own.
  • Creating a highly-human job or service from scratch, something useful and fulfilling that can't be done by smart machines or systems.
  • Hiring or developing employees with highly-human skills, to gain competitive advantage.

Published by EraNova Institute, the special report includes tips and examples for honing the seven highly-human skills that set us apart from electronics. The report also describes the "highly-human economy,” poised to overtake the present service and tech economy, which earlier overtook the manufacturing economy, which in turn superseded the agricultural economy. The emerging highly-human economy will feature non-programmable forms of conscious aliveness that even AI systems can't match.

($7.95) After ordering, click the link, "Return to EraNova Institute" to download the report. 

Are you a journalist, blogger, or broadcaster?
If you want to review the report, CLICK HERE to request a complimentary copy.

"The great thing is that we don't have to wait for anybody to create these jobs for us," says the author. "Anyone can find or create them right now on their own -- although business leaders, the next President and Congress can help.”

After ordering the report, be sure to sign up with this site. Then you may join online discussions about finding or creating highly-human work, shifting to highly-human business practices, and smoothing the way through legislation.


Richard W. Samson is Director of the EraNova Institute and has served as consultant to IBM, AT&T and other large organizations. He has created several websites and social networks including --

  • SuperLife (, a network for companies and individuals building a better, sustainable society.
  • The Personal PR Forum (, a site providing public relations advice and services for professional and business people.
  • The Long Term Care Insurance Guild (, a network embracing local chapters in various states.

Samson was instrumental in creating the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign now run by the non-profit 3in4 Association ( This campaign works in conjunction with state and federal government as well as major insurance and healthcare companies.

Focusing on mental as well as physical improvement, he is the author of several books including "Mind Over Technology" and "The Mind Builder."

In 2005 he foresaw the current employment crisis and offered strategies for resolving it, in an article appearing in The Futurist magazine, “Hyperjobs: The New Higher-Level Work and How to Grow Into It.” His article “Riding the Life Extension Wave” was the cover story of the December, 2011, issue of National Underwriter Life & Health, the leading industry journal.

In 2005 he originated and popularized the terms “hyperjobs,” “hyper-human jobs,” and “hyper-human economy.” In 2012 he introduced “highly-human” as a more accessible term to describe the new work and economic system. He has also used the terms “meta” and “super” as synonyms for “hyper” and “highly.” He is the originator of the term “off-peopling” to describe the job-shifting trend that parallels offshoring. Richard W. Samson is also known as Dick Samson, especially on the Internet.

($7.95) After ordering, click the link, "Return to EraNova Institute" to download the report.

Are you a journalist, blogger, or broadcaster?
If you want to review the report, CLICK HERE to request a complimentary copy.

As a reader of the report and member of this site, you'll rub shoulders with others who will stick with you until you achieve what you're after.

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A meeting place for pioneers of the highly-human economy, set to dwarf today's high-tech economy. (A service of EraNova Institute)

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